coaching the coach

Coaching the Coach™ (CtC) focuses on making the effective transition from being a manager of representatives to becoming a leader of sales managers. Participants will see improvement in the functional and interpersonal sales leadership skills required to successfully and consistently lead high performance healthcare sales organizations, with emphasis on working with and through FLSMs (First Line Sales Managers). CtC provides tools and processes that enable the participant to apply decision-making processes strategically in their organization, and to develop field coaching plans to achieve the highest ROI and growth potential.

learning objectives

•Increase coaching impact to drive quality and value of sales calls through mastery of selling model by the sales representative

•Develop a field coaching plan for the best return on investment (ROI)

•Access one’s own effectiveness in the six dimensions of sales leadership

•Identify which skills to improve upon to impact one’s effectiveness as a sales manager and leader, and how to build upon current strengths

•Understand the four main types of decision-making styles and the power of using each of them appropriately in the workplace

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