from start to finish

From Start to Finish™ (FSF) is a three-day, advanced sales training workshop whose core is to help sales representatives learn how to better utilize customer information to prioritize their efforts, to engage in a more effective and personalized sales dialogue, through to the successful close. FSF builds upon previous skills and levels of experienced sales people. It aims to advance sales force effectiveness and ROI through better targeting of prescribers, including a much deeper understanding and appreciation of how to leverage Innovara’s proprietary Double Classification, to better allocate effort on customers, improve effectiveness of sales calls and improve return on promotional effort.

learning objectives

•Be able to demonstrate results and benefits of FSF techniques for improving targeting productivity across the entire organization and for each sales representative

•Improve the sales representatives’ ability to ask informative questions that will help to strategize meaningful selling solutions for each customer they call upon, and lead to significantly greater success in closing

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