IMPACT call planning and management

Studies have shown that the initial months in any sales job where the representative is new to the company are the most critical to future performance. Impact Call Planning and Management (CPM)™ has been designed to provide every pharmaceutical or healthcare sales representative with the best core selling skills training, right from the start. Impact CPM is based upon best practices in call planning and management skills on the job that are demonstrated by top sales representatives. Participants will learn how to be an exceptional sales representative by focusing on what exceptional selling looks and feels like. From preparing for the sales call, throughto closing and follow up via added value services, every sales representative is given extensive practice and a simple system to build confidence that they WILL become an exceptional representative to their medical and other customers.

learning objectives

•Become the exceptional sales representative, by making exceptional sales calls right at the start of the job

•Strive to achieve a maximum of 20 POINTS in every call

•Connect the exceptional sales call to sales results

•Develop one’s own action plan to implement Impact CPM by striving to make exceptional sales calls every day, with every doctor or other customer

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