key account management and planning

Key Account Management and Planning™ (KAMP) equips participants with the advanced selling skills necessary to manage the sales process in major accounts. Because these accounts typically involve multiple decision makers at the top, participants who attend KAMP learn to work better both individually and in cross-functional teams to improve access and to influence and drive results based upon well-planned and orchestrated efforts. Participants not only leave with Key Account Plans that are ready and eager to implement, using processes and formats they can use on the job.

learning objectives

•Evaluate the potential of key accounts and develop strategies to realize that potential

•Identify the decision-making process, understand the roles of the members ofthe decision-making team, and how to work with and through them to achieve sales objectives

•Set qualitative and quantitative sales objectives by understanding the critical time lines of that cycle

•Develop key account plans for presentation internally and to the decision-making team

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