marketing for sales

Marketing for Sales Personnel and Managers™ (M4S) focuses on transforming sales reps to become micro marketers with the ability to think and act with strong customer focus. This training program is specifically designed for sales reps who want to understand marketing fundamentals such as market knowledge and analysis, customer focusand insights, competitive differentiation, and marketing communication (internal & external). Through an intensive and practical workshop, the participants will be able to develop more strategic view of their brands and markets, rather than focusing only on sales figures. This multi-dimensional approach will help the sales-oriented expert transition an insightful business professional driving high-performance results successfully and consistently.

learning objectives

•Learn which challenges and market situation create unique opportunities

•Understand marketing fundamentals and identify improvement areas for your skills

•Ask more strategic and insightful questions, resulting in highly-differentiating business plans

•Learn to develop an orchestrated approach to increasing diverse access to HCPs together with digital communications

•Understand metrics to track business progress and success

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