MentorMagic for Executives

MentorMagicfor Executives™ (MME) is a one-day strategic leadership workshop designed to stimulate and guide executives and other top managers to better understand options for setting up mentoring systems within the company (from formal to informal); setting objectives for mentors and mentees; evaluating the impact of mentoring within the organization and on the business; and becoming better mentors, themselves. The latter focuses on the special challenges of high potential employees, from selection, to mentor-mentee roles and objectives, to nature and control of interactions.

learning objectives

•Become a better executive mentor to high-potential personnel

•Assess and mitigate risks of premature or latent empowerment; other aspects of mentoring programs and plans

•Plan and evaluate the evolution of one’s mentor-mentee relationship

•Develop and lead a continuously improving mentoring program across the organization

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