National and regional sales managers alike applaud Optima™. At last, here is a sales planning and management program designed exclusively for managers of sales managers. Through the use of carefully sequenced worksheets and exercises, Optima guides them step-by-step to create national and regional sales plans, and learn how to better direct their sales organization for maximum productivity. Throughout, this program for national and 2nd and 3rd-tier sales managers emphasizes taking a strategic planning focus and making better business decisions, focusing on the biggest opportunities for sales growth and performance. A comprehensive workshop that provides a common working platform is utilized along with practical tools that can immediately be applied on the job.

learning objectives

•Construct a national or regional sales plan that will prioritize the biggest opportunities to act upon in the coming years

•Correctly complete and utilize the planning tools that may be used year after year for annual and other periodic planning and business/ organization performance review

•Transition from a manager of reps to a manager of managers with a clear roadmap for sales organization and first line sales management development

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