productivity power

Achieving concrete and lasting results is the never-ending quest of any sales organization, whether at the territory, key account or district/area levels. What makes Productivity Power™ so powerful is that it significantly advances their ability to do focused analytics on their own sales performance. In this two-day program, sales and marketing personnel and first line managers will develop the advanced skills necessary to accomplishing priorities set by the organization through group dynamics and team work. A key dashboard tool, PRISM ©, is designed to easily integrate data from the participants’ own companies and areas, with their own dashboards (if they have them). While this toolcan be based upon actual sales data, it also allows the participants to translate qualitative performance into quantitative for targeting of sales efforts. Productivity Power also heightens competitiveness through focused analytics exercises, as well as gamification relating competitive sales strategies, teamwork and resource management.

learning objectives

•Ensure one’s work supports one’s team’s goals and the organizational priorities

•Driving productivity–key elements of coverage and evaluating potential of each customer

•Competitive performance analysis using PRISM ©

•Optimizing for time and territory management

•Setting sales and related business priorities

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