Benchmarking Best Practices

Innovara uses a proven Innovara Benchmarking Diamond© protocol and methodology. Using in-depth interviews of key customer groups and competitors to provide detailed insightful information, Innovara designs an appropriate protocol that can be immediately put to use.

By conducting these in-depth interviews, we will discover:

  • Aspects of service and related metrics that are important to your customers
  • Companies and/or services your customers value most, now or in the future
  • Anticipated concerns and trends in your customers’ business and industry
  • What else customers would consider doing or wish that companies working for them would do (but are not doing currently)
  • Which companies best handle or prevent problems
  • Which companies they consider “best” in service management and why
  • How your company compares to the best
  • Next steps to improve which customer service practices it can and should own as levers to dynamic business development


The results, if positive to the company, are then strategized for public relations purposes, including publication of the results of the study (if feasible).