Building Brand Leaders ™

Managing the Life Cycle of Brand and Market Leaders©

Only a few products become “master brands” – brands that not only are major for the company but also are market leaders – and are able to sustain that leadership. Building Brand Leaders shows marketers how to build their Master Brands, how to maximize brand value and achieve market leadership and for any brands, regardless of their potentials, plan how to maximize their product life cycles. From post-launch to post-patent marketing, Building Brand Leaders teaches participants how to build their brand leaders by managing the brand adoption process, and once they have become Master Brands, how to keep their brands on top. Importantly, Building Brand Leaders is an excellent workshop to accelerate the development of “concise strategies and big ideas”, breaking the usual marketer’s habit of tactically-driven, “formula pharmaceutical marketing”.  Throughout, we will use an actual pharmaceutical brand case study to challenge the participants and demonstrate the application of the principles being taught to a mid-life Master Brand.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the principles of modern pharmaceutical and medical brand management and leadership
  • Understand what the components of building Master Brands are and how to do them
  • Integrate principles of product life cycle management and benchmarking best practices, to sustain and manage brand value
  • Develop a comprehensive brand plan that can be immediately implemented
  • Foster increased customer focus, a strong competitive culture and heightened band and market leadership mentality


  • Medical device and other medical product management & those supporting marketing
  • Pharmaceutical product management & those supporting marketing.


  • Intermediate


  • 3 or 5 days