From Clinical Research to Publication ™ (CRP)

A Joint Workshop Offered Exclusively by Johns Hopkins Medicines International and Innovara, Inc.

A medical paper is a major disclosure of original research, a case study, clinical finding or other work that conveys a key learning and advances knowledge in the particular field of medicine in some way. Medical papers should be sufficiently detailed and with sound data and information so that peers in the medical community are able to evaluate and learn from such work and if interested, be able to replicate or build upon the research.

From Clinical Research to Publication (“CRP”) is an intensive, yet thoroughly enjoyable, practical 1.5 day workshop for medical professionals, that explores how to create an appropriate publication based upon the type of research that has been done. In addition, the program addresses decisions that must be made prior to commencing research, such as which form of research to do and types of publications most appropriate for such research. It gives important insights on how to create and submit an abstract, and also gives hands-on practice on to prepare and present a Poster.

From Clinical Research to Publication is lead by a highly acclaimed and published professor or chief of the department from Johns Hopkins University in the medical area of interest to the physicians who will attend the training. In addition, this faculty has both editorial experience for a leading journal in the same field of interest and also serves as a reviewer for this or other publications. Guest faculty may include leading physicians from the local country, hosting institution or area with comparable experience in research and publishing.


If required, CME equivalence is granted by Johns Hopkins Medicines International for 10 CME Credit Hours.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basic structure and types of scientific papers and their requirements
  • Know the various components of a scientific manuscript
  • Gain practical experience in basic manuscript preparation and choosing the right journal
  • Gain insights into the manuscript processing, reviewing and editing processes
  • Address reviewers’ and editor’s comments confidently
  • Explore and gain experience with alternative forms of publication, including how to design, write and present a Poster at a poster session in a major medical conference


  • Faculty, fellows and other medical professionals who are engaged in basic and clinical research and who are interested to submit their papers to reputed medical journals for publication or to develop posters for presentation at medical symposia or conferences, and who desire the opportunity to receive in-depth guidance and coaching on how to write for publication.
  • Each 2-day session will have up to 25 MDs. (Larger groups may require additional faculty support.)


  • 1.5 day workshop