Competitive Selling ™

It's Time To Get In The Ring and Fight©


Competitive Selling ™ instills competitive passion in your sales force. No more “polite” selling, no more referring to competition in general terms. Through the unique Innovara Competitive APPLES© process, participants learn to anticipate competition, to preempt it, to prevent its success and to lead the market. Then, through 12 “Rounds” of competitive selling simulations and exercises, representatives learn to sell not only against specific competitors, but to become highly competitive as a part of their very nature.

Competitive Selling™ is an extremely dynamic program that starts with each participant being assessed for their own selling “KARISMA” – from knowledge of adversaries and risk tolerance, to innovativeness and selling skills, to motivation and action. From these benchmarks, participants set themselves Competitive Selling Goals (measurable improvements in sales competitiveness) to be achieved by the end of the program.

Competitive Selling™ participants not only become more competitive in every aspect of selling, but also carry a competitive mindset into every opportunity for customer interaction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Instill competitive passion in each sales representative
  • Provide techniques to sell against specific competitors
  • Become proactive in selling competitively in every-day selling situations
  • Be competitive in selling in special situations and any time, such as at congresses, medical events, social situations, or other special activities


  • All pharmaceutical sales personnel
  • All medical device and other medical sales personnel
  • Sales representatives and managers
  • Service support (product managers, medical liaisons, events managers, sales service personnel and others)


  • Fundamental


  • 3 days