Healthcare Stakeholder Mapping and Research

Stakeholder mapping and research services include:

  • Identifying stakeholders in medicine, policy, advocacy, and industry
  • Surveys and/or interviews of stakeholders
  • Stakeholder landscape research
  • Identifying collaboration opportunities

It is critical to work with the right stakeholders to accomplish your company’s key strategic goals. Innovara works with large multinational pharmaceutical companies to reach these goals and improve the quality of stakeholder initiatives.

We provide stakeholder mapping, research and related services primarily focused on emerging markets. In developed and mature markets, stakeholder mapping and research may be relatively straightforward. When working in emerging and developing markets, there are more challenges — these markets change faster and have less transparency than others. Stakeholders could be on top one day and marginalized the next. If you could be everywhere at once, you could stay on top of these changes, but in reality, you need help to ensure that you are reaching out to and developing relationships with the right people. Innovara will show you who to work with and what opportunities to support.