IMPACT ™ Advanced Field Coaching is a completely fresh, new approach to field coaching that starts with in-field observations of the first line pharmaceutical and medical sales managers coaching their reps, then empowers the FLSMs to self-evaluate and focus on improving where they can have the greatest impact on sales representative performance and effectiveness, and satisfaction with the way they are coached and other “developmental” time spent with their managers in the field. It challenges conventional ways of coaching, especially the “curbside coaching” experience and teaches ways to significantly heighten impact of field coaching efforts in terms of sales force effectiveness.

Learning Objectives:

  • Significantly IMPACT sales representatives' selling effectiveness and results through superior field coaching
  • Advance all field sales managers' skills – no matter how experienced they may be - to be more productive with their field coaching time and efforts
  • Develop an area and company culture in field coaching to develop not good or "acceptable", but exceptional sales representatives
  • Provide guidance to national and sales leadership on the importance of them personally observing their first line sales managers doing field coaching, and accepting their role in "coaching the coaches".


  • All first line medical and pharmaceutical sales managers and Business Unit Managers with responsibility for first line sales management.
  • Those leading FLSMs, including: Medical and Pharmaceutical National Sales Managers, Regional Sales Managers, and other 2nd line sales managers
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales training managers
  • Senior experienced pharmaceuical sales representatives who are about to become first line sales managers (for those in active development as managers)


  • Two full days