Managing the Winning Sales Team ™

Managing the Winning Sales Team ™ is based on the premise that the professionalism of the middle manager of the medical device or pharmaceutical organization is crucial to the success of a sales and marketing organization. Managing the Winning Sales Team is designed to equip these key diagnostics personnel with the skills to achieve results with and through their subordinates.

Learning Objectives:

  • Manage their business and achieve goals through a process that combines an effective management of tasks and leadership of subordinates
  • Identify and manage the needs and aspirations of their subordinates as they relate to the workplace
  • Use essential communication skills to motivate, lead, coach and develop their subordinates
  • Act as a link between upper management and their subordinates
  • Effectively fulfill their role as a trainer


  • Pharmaceutical sales managers
  • Medical sales managers
  • Sales supervisors


  • Fundamental


  • 2 days