Partnering & Licensing Services

Strong Footprint in Emerging Markets for Two Decades

Investors, medical device, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are looking to emerging markets for growth. The current capital crunch provides unique opportunities for innovators. Our ability to match them with the right partner can maximize valuation.

Our footprint in emerging markets makes us unique in understanding and identifying the right ethical partners who can truly maximize novel technologies. Innovara’s consultants live in more than 10 countries and have experience working in nearly every region of the world. By living and working locally and regionally, we have firsthand knowledge of various local business practices, medical perspectives, and business relationships.

Who We Know and Where We Work is Key to Our Success

Relationships at the highest levels of our client organizations are among the keys to our success. Our clients are long-term by the very nature of the strategic advice and partnerships that we form. Long-term personal relationships with leaders and our various global business experience combine into a unique understanding of the culture and strategies of these specific partners.

Uniquely Positioned to Represent Breakthrough Technologies

Innovara maintains strong relationships with major academic institutions globally, through medical thought leadership development initiatives, organization of global and international educational collaborations of current and future medical leaders, and other educational exchanges. Program expertise includes important disease areas, emerging growth markets, and diagnostics and devices. These thought leaders assist us in evaluating product or technology candidates without commercial influence.

Trust is Key to Building Strong Partnerships

Innovation requires partners that have the ability to see the possibilities, to assess and communicate risks honestly, and to integrate and facilitate useful connections which build and add value. Innovara provides a supportive approach which values integrity, confidentiality, trust, and strategic creativity as its cornerstones. We don’t just identify partners, but help build the partnership to ensure success. We also can provide strategic positioning, elevating awareness of the products/technologies.

Business Development Team

Innovara has a team of personnel dedicated to business development services which include licensing, joint venture negotiations, investor introductions-presentations-positioning, building awareness within the medical and investor communities, strategic branding and advisory, and more.

We have completed multiple licensing deals in the $2-5M upfront payment range (some included associated capital investment or additional market options beyond royalty agreements). We have been strategic advisors for IPOs, consultants to biotech center development at key centers of academic and research based medicine, strategic advisors to major pharma corporations in the assessment of the development product portfolio prior to merger, and the deal structure team for acquisitions. Our success stems from leveraging our specific disease treatment knowledge and experience.