Physician Partnership Program™ (PPP)

Integrating Selling and Micromarketing Skills for More Productive Sales Relationships©

The Physician Partnership Program teaches pharmaceutical, medical device and other medical industry sales representatives to improve the return on investment from their selling efforts. Representatives will maximize their use of internal resources and value added services. They will learn the process of strategically working with the physician throughout the product cycle through micro-marketing and targeting techniques.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the psychology behind each customer’s choice of products and services.
  • Set sales objectives based on where the customer is in the product adoption process and his or her potential to use the product.
  • Develop the micromarketing and consultative skills required to achieve these sales objectives by maintaining an individualized approach to the customer.


  • New pharmaceutical, medical device and other medical industry sales representative induction training
  • All field sales staff when the organization wishes to upgrade its selling skills.


  • Fundamental


  • 3 days