Powerful Medical Presenter ™ (PMP)


Powerful Medical PresenterImpactful medical presentation skills are critical to develop in every medical professional involved in research, education and sharing knowledge with peers via formal lecture or presentation. A medical expert who is an effective medical presenter is not only more effective in transferring knowledge, but improves their own and their institution’s image among their peers. However, for most medical professionals, developing the ability to present effectively and to keep the interest of the audience, especially through technical content, are not skills that usually are taught in the normal course of their medical training and learning these skills usually comes from ad hoc practicum.

Designed for the world’s leading experts, across many fields of medicine, and top institutions, The Powerful Medical Presenter™ is an intense 2-day training program specifically created for faculty, fellows and other medical professional who must address both small and large groups of their peers and colleagues in medical meetings, symposia, congresses and other conferences. Medical presentations that the participants will learn to make or improve upon will include grand rounds, case reports, clinical and other research findings, presentations to request grants and to report on progress of funded activities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve their presentation methodology, visual and content generation and organization to build impactful and well-structured medical presentations.
  • Use all aspects of body language, including tone-of-voice, eye contact and movement in presentations and other skills to engage an audience of critical medical peers.
  • Acquire special skills required when presenting to medical audiences from other languages and cultures, especially when presenting in English to a diverse audience, such as at an international conference.
  • Improve their personal professional image and the image of the institution with which the presenter is affiliated


  • Department heads
  • Scientific/medical research or teaching faculty
  • Fellows, and executive administrators
  • The group may be from different or the same institutions; ideally they are all from the same area of medical/science for shared enjoyment, support and to foster a robust Q&A session, as well.


  • 2 days