Powerful Presenter™

Impactful presentation skills are critical to develop in every executive or manager involved in sharing knowledge with others in one’s company, industry, and other parties via formal lecture or presentation. However, for most, developing the ability to present effectively is not a skill that usually is acquired in the normal course of their experience and training.

The Powerful Presenter is a fun, intense 2-day training program specifically designed for managers and executives who must address medical meetings, conferences, and other public forums. Participants will learn how to translate information into a dynamic delivery via various presentation methodologies.  They will also learn to effectively use PowerPoint and other visual and verbal aids in their presentations and to respond naturally to their audience.

Extensive videotaping, review and critique are integrated throughout the program, with each participant being able to view a record of his/her own progress from beginning to end of the training.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improved presentation methodology, visual and content generation and organization to build credible, well-structured presentations appropriate to target audiences inside one’s company as well as to industry, in the investment community, and others.
  • Using all aspects of body language, including tone-of-voice, eye contact and movement in presentations and other skills to engage the audience.
  • Correctly analyzing audience members’ needs and attitudes towards the presentation or presenter and handling problems like skepticism and objections without breaking stride.
  • Preparing effective, varied visual aids to make your points powerful and memorable.


  • All Executives and Managers


  • Intermediate / Advanced


  • 2 days