Powerful Sales Presenter™

Effective presentation skills are absolutely essential for medical sales professionals at every level in every industry, whether before large audiences or small groups. Those with effective and persuasive presentations skills not only generate more results, but also enhance the image of the company. However, the ability to deliver high quality and interesting presentations while covering technical or detailed material is a skill that often goes unaddressed during the training or through the course of experience.

The Powerful Sales Presenter™ is a fun, intense 2-day training program specifically designed for medical device and pharmaceutical  industry product specialists and other sales personnel who must address both small and large groups in medical meetings and other conferences. Most importantly, they will learn the subtle aspects of making formal presentations to doctors to reflect the highest level of medical and personal integrity, while still putting forth a compelling case for doctors to use one’s product in their practices or institution.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve presentation methodology, visual and content generation and organization to build credible presentations appropriate to target physicians or other customers.
  • Use all aspects of body language, including tone-of-voice, eye contact and movement in presentations and other skills to engage the physician audience.
  • Correctly analyzing audience members' needs and attitudes towards the presentation or presenter from the doctors in the audience without breaking stride.
  • Preparing effective, varied visual aids to make one's points powerful and memorable.


  • Pharmaceutical product specialists
  • Medical product specialists
  • Sales reps
  • Medical liaisons
  • Sales & product managers
  • Other executives who may present company and product information to target customers (doctors).


  • Advanced


  • 2 days