Selling in Seconds™

Making Every Moment With The Customer Count©

Selling In SecondsTM (“SIS”) is a high-impact, two-day program for every medical and pharmaceutical sales professional that teaches how to sell effectively in less than a minute.

More and more, today, medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives are not able to spend more than seconds or only one or two minutes with customers, where traditional sales call processes and timing requirements simply won’t work. Representatives find themselves literally chasing customers or losing opportunities to turn an unexpected meeting of a customer in hallways, parking lots, or other settings into a productive and effective sales call.

Selling In SecondsTM teaches the medical representative how to make every such time-pressured moment with any customer – whether planned or spontaneous – count. Representatives learn the 3 Rules of SIS that guide every such selling situation. They then learn to develop core brand and benefit messages that can be used effectively in every one of these selling opportunities, whether the meeting with the customer is planned or anticipated, or spontaneous and opportunistic.

Medical and pharmaceutical representatives also learn the 5 Steps of Selling In SecondsTM, and practice them until they can do them seamlessly in under one minute in a realistic range of time-constrained meetings with their customers. Finally, they learn how to make each such SIS sales call memorable, leaving the customer with a positive feeling about the interaction and looking forward to a follow-up action on the part of the representative or even the by customer.

Program Content:

Selling In SecondsTM is a highly interactive program that starts with demonstrations of typical selling situations that happen in seconds. These situations usually find the representative and customer to be standing up, either in the customer’s office or unexpectedly in an external location, such as a hallway, parking lot, elevator, or other somewhat public setting. They also are not situations that allow for using standard sales aids and support materials. To be effective in these less-than-ideal settings, participants learn the 3 Rules of Selling in Seconds.

Once the 3 rules are understood, the participants then learn to apply them through a series of 5 SIS “Steps.” In particular, they are taught to use the fingers of the hand to help them remember how to follow and apply the 5 steps to any short-time selling situation. A range of planned and spontaneous SIS situations are then scripted and enacted, utilizing the 5 Steps and 3 Rules of SIS consistently and effectively. With each round, representatives are scored, and the process is repeated until all participants achieve optimal scores.

By the end of the program day, all representatives are able to sell in seconds flawlessly and seamlessly, with any customer, in any situation, without the need for sales aids or other support materials, and leaving the customer looking forward to meeting the representative again.

Day One:

  • How SIS Works
  • The Professional Representative and Taking RISC
  • Preparing the SIS Sales Call
  • The 3 Rules of the SIS Sales Call and Preparations for Role Plays
  • Role Plays: SIS Calls with MOM

Day Two

  • Role Plays: MOM – Rounds 1 + 2
  • Review of Other SIS Selling Skills
  • Preparation for MOM Roles Plays Rounds 3 + 4
  • 5 Step Process of the SIS Sales Call
  • Practice Sessions – IIQQC
  • Final Role Plays – The Grinder
  • Group Evaluation, Certificates

Learning Objectives:

  • Dramatically increase sales effectiveness in a short time with a customer
  • Be prepared to take advantage of both planned and unplanned opportunities to interact with a customer and effectively communicate a key brand and benefit
  • Be the one interaction in the day that the customer remembers and acts upon


  • All pharmaceutical and medical sales personnel, including all pharmaceutical and medical sales representatives and managers also those involved in selling activities and service support and customer interfaces (pharmaceutical and medical product managers, medical liaisons, events managers, sales service personnel and others).


  • Two days (e.g. 8:30 am to 5:30 pm). No pre-work is required.