Solutions and Decisions™

Solutions And Decisions (“S&D”) is a unique program that provides a systematic approach to the decision making process. It provides medical and pharmaceutical industry participants with the tools and processes  to identify alternative solutions and make decisions either individually or as part of a group. Unlike other problem solving and Decision-Making programs, S&D focuses on business problems and provides tools and processes enabling individuals to identify alternative solutions or to make decisions alone or in work groups.  They will also acquire the necessary problem solving competencies and learn to apply them strategically in their organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand their personal problem solving style and how to strengthen it.
  • Enhance their ability to understand business-specific problems, create a target for problem solving efforts, and develop creative solutions.
  • Identify solutions, evaluate business impact of the alternatives and plan to implement them.
  • Distinguish five different types of decisions that need to be made.
  • Understand the four main types of Decision-Making styles and the power of using each of them appropriately in the workplace.


  • Fundamental


  • 2 days