The Innovara Marketing Assessment© (IMA)


The Innovara Marketing Assessment© (“IMA”) enables the organization to benchmark the capabilities and development needs of its marketing organization against industry standards and expectations. It is used to identify key marketing development needs at all levels of the organization. IMA results in personalized assessment reports for individuals as well as group assessment reports for all marketing-related personnel in a company or department, as well as by level of personnel. It profiles up to ten competencies critical to functional marketing excellence. Additional competencies can be designed into the assessment tool, if required.


Why companies use the Innovara Marketing Assessments (IMAs)

  • Benchmark baseline functional (marketing-related) competencies of the organization
  • Facilitate an organizational development plan as well as individual development plans to impact overall business
  • Identify and leverage strengths across the organization as well as within individuals
  • Inform and guide the development of competency models
  • Clarify competency-related aspects of performance analyses
  • Aid in career and succession planning
  • Strengthen marketing recruitment and selection criteria and processes

Innovara has established functional competency definitions, benchmarks and an assessment process for a given type of position, based upon competencies required by “best in class” companies.

What the Innovara Marketing Assessments include:

  • Profiles a number of critical competencies for functional marketing excellence.
  • Enables XX Company to
    • benchmark its staff competencies against industry standards and expectations and
    • identify development needs of its marketing and sales management organizations
  • Results in
    • group assessment and development reports
    • highly individualized/personalized development reports

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess individual and group’s skills in up to ten marketing competencies
  • Create an individual development program in those areas of priority based upon comparisons to global industry standards and/or group performances within each level in a company
  • Create a group development plan based upon the collective results of these assessments
  • Understand where the “hidden marketing talent” exists within an organization
  • IMA can also be customized to assess specific competencies desired by a company


  • Any person involved directly or indirectly in marketing


  • Intermediate / Advanced