Working With Medical Thought Leaders™

Working With Medical Thought Leaders™ (“WMTL”) is a vital, fast paced 2-day workshop for those in a pharmaceutical, medical device or other medical industry  company who may be involved with leading physicians and other top professionals who conduct research, speak at a medical meeting, serve on an advisory board or otherwise are engaged by the company to do some work on their behalf. Never before has it been so important to work with these leaders, nor so sensitive. WMTL is the only workshop of its kind that addresses how best to work with and leverage professional relationships with medical thought leaders, while at the same time ensuring that both these leaders and the company’s integrity are never put at risk.

WMTL is a customized workshop that either can work with a complete hypothetical case, or can be designed to look at a company’s business and the way in which it selects, forms and manages programs and projects utilizing medical thought leaders. Whether case based or based upon the company’s own business, WMTL focuses on the “4 Be’s” of medical thought leadership management: 1) Be Strategic; 2) Be Objective, 3) Be Trustworthy, and 4) Be Effective.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be highly strategic and integrate working with MTLs with longer term plans
  • Design and brand MTL-related programs as major, sustainable differentiators in the marketplace
  • Learn how to identify and select the right MTLs to work with, for the right reasons, from the start, including building an MTL database
  • Understand how to adhere to the toughest ethics and highest standards when working with MTLs, even withstanding full disclosure without fear of repercussion
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of working with MTLs, to ensure that you and the MTLs, and ultimately the other medical professionals they may impact, benefit as fully as possible from your relationship and interactions