World Class Launch™

Preparing Tomorrow’s Market Leaders, Today©

THE WORLD CLASS LAUNCH focuses on the critical elements of moving a medical device or product or pharmaceutical product from clinical development and registration documentation through the process of clinical development and registration documentation in order to launch in the fastest, most effective manner as possible, which will maximize all opportunities through a very short time frame. Using principles of PACE (Product and Cycle Time Excellence), Innovara shows participants how to organize, plan and execute a successful launch quickly and efficiently. Participants work in cross-functional teams on their own brand plans, so that by the end of the day, they have a launch template to follow upon returning to the job.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to break the pharmaceutical launch preparation into 4 discreet phases and to plan for each phase to minimize errors, failures and delays
  • Create “go;no-go” decision points as the product moves through each phase
  • Learn to organize a core launch team and processes, including establishing executive reviews
  • Create a network of support personnel responsible for implementing a successful launch
  • Finalize the launch plan


  • Cross Functional Team


  • Intermediate / Advanced


  • 5 days