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Request an Assessment for Your Team

Innovara Medical Science Liaison Assessment, Innovara Marketing Assessment, Innovara Sales Management AssessmentKnow your team: find their hidden talents and development needs.
 Request an Innovara Marketing, Sales Management, or Medical Science Liaison assessment for your team of any size. We will customize the assessment based on your organization’s needs, set up a time frame for deployment, collect all responses, and provide you with a comprehensive group report. Our team of marketing, sales, and medical affairs experts will carefully analyze all responses to identify capabilities and key development needs, for each individual as well as for the group.

Customization includes any or all of the following: integration with your organization’s competency model; alignment with your specific industry; translation into another language; production of individual reports; breakdown of assessment results by country, position, or experience level; branding of the assessment tool; individual virtual mentoring sessions (teleconference or video) to provide feedback to each participant; and more.

Our specialty is in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and healthcare industries, as well as other life sciences. If your organization is outside of these industries, drop us a line anyway – we can build a solution for you, too!


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