selling to achieve results

Selling to Achieve Results™ (STAR) is a fresh approach to emphasizing effective closing skills. STAR helps sales representatives to understand fundamental sales concepts and then translate them into practical applications for their own products, customers, competitors and selling situations. The STAR model is based upon research conducted on thousands of salespeople across the most successful corporations, adapted by Innovara specifically to pharmaceutical and healthcare selling. This research shows that the most successful salespeople are highly skilled, allowing customers to do most of the talking, with the sales people being highly selective in which questions they select to use with each customer, in a particular sequence.

learning objectives

•Strengthen overall ability to sell and in particular, to be more effective at closing the sale with physicians and other target customers

•Develop questioning skills in sales representatives that lead to results

•Integrate questioning and the ability to sell/close with the key stages of a call cycle

•Be able to use STAR skills immediately upon return to the job, with one’s manager directly observing the representative’s improved skills and results

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