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Innovara was recently top-rated in healthcare marketing training by Best Practices, LLC. Our hands-on courses will prepare and engage your team from zero to launch and beyond.

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Medical Affairs Academy: for MSLs, managers, and others in Medical Affairs-related roles.

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Top-rated in healthcare marketing training by Best Practices, LLC


For over 30 years, Innovara has been consistently recognized for delivering high-quality, tangible results while maintaining the greatest level of integrity. We are a global business and management development company with a focus in healthcare, proudly providing highly-customized training and business services. We delight in developing future and current managers and leaders in companies at all levels. From development needs assessments and competency models through formal training programs, we customize to fit with company needs and personnel capabilities. innovaraWith offices and/or consultants all around the world, we are able to build stronger relationships and stay abreast of local developments. This allows us to build a solution for your organization that teaches to the latest and future trends in healthcare—locally, regionally, and globally.

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pharmaceutical marketing

This course was full of insights and practical methods to becoming a true marketing mentor in my organization and adding value to my team. I highly recommend this course to MM, BUD and marketing excellence managers who are in charge of developing their marketing teams!

Min Kyoung Ji

Market Insight Manager

“Innovara was able to uncover valuable insights and information from key medical thought leaders, which helped SciDose move forward with our product commercialization.”

Joe Bohan

CEO, SciDose

“My only suggestion is to make [Powerful Medical Presenter] more available—it is a huge gap and truly empowering. I wish I had known about this 15 years ago. Thank you!”

Rocio M. Hurtado, MD

Director, Mycobacterial Program, Massachusetts General Hospital

“I can instantly improve my presentation skills. [ECAMP is] tailor-made for each participant.”

Padiporn Limumpornpetch, MD

Endocrinologist, Prince of Songkla University

Upcoming Events

spring open seminar marketing healthcare pharma medical technology vaccines diagnostics medical device principles training marketing plan

Foundations of Healthcare Industry Marketing – Seoul, Korea

September 21, 2022

Foundations of Healthcare Industry Marketing ™ (FHIM) is a focused program for new marketers in the healthcare industry (pharma, medical technology, vaccines, diagnostics, etc.). FHIM is an excellent program for any company that wishes to develop a high caliber of product and other customer facing managers. It introduces them to the principles of marketing and how marketing as a business discipline focuses the entire organization on its customers. Read More→

Patient Centricity in Action – Seoul, Korea

September 27, 2022

patient centricityIn this world we are now operating in, you can’t possibly be profitable if you don’t have patients at the centre of what you are doing. It’s not a sustainable business model. On the inside of our organization, I feel the momentum, and, on the outside, Read More→

technical coaching msl managers

Technical Coaching for MSL Managers (TCMSL)™

October 13, 2022

Technical Coaching for MSL Managers™ (TCMSL) is an intensive 2-day open seminar designed to help managers of Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) to be better at coaching in a range of situations. There is a major focus on global standards for excellence for MSLs and their teams, and how to assess performance (including metrics). Read More→

medical insights being considered by doctor

Medical Insights and Strategy – Seoul, Korea

November 10, 2022

Medical Insights and Strategy™ is a new course that leverages advances in understanding upstream disease risk through downstream adherence, particularly in light of the challenges of continuity of care created in the post-acute COVID era. Using synectics, we will connect diverse sets of both quantitative and qualitative data to identify and create unique scientific and medical customer experience support, Read More→

Marketing Plan in Action – Seoul, Korea

November 16, 2022

marketing plan in action, advanced strategic marketingThe Brand planning process and the resulting Brand Marketing Plans are both critical to providing the framework for all marketing activities and communications throughout the organization. The Marketing Plan In Action© [MPIA©] is a state-of-the art, fast paced program designed to give those actively involved in marketing ethical products, Read More→

Insights to Strategic Architecture – Seoul, Korea

November 23, 2022

Insights to Strategic Architecture ™ (ISA) helps managers drive brand success by effectively differentiating their brand solution from competitors, providing consistently better value to customers.

Most brand marketing plans, due to their development during the annual financial planning cycles, have two critical weaknesses – the lack of deep insights on what customers really value and the need for a more robust strategic architecture to guide the marketing of the brand. Read More→

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