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Experiential learning & development, assessments, and competency modelling

A global leader in experiential learning for healthcare industry professionals and medical thought leadership development

Specializing in Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, other Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Hospitals and Health Systems

Marketing Academy

Unlock your team’s healthcare marketing potential with hands-on training, assessments, and coaching from leading industry professionals. 

Medical Affairs Academy

Ensure that your medical affairs and field medical teams’ capabilities meet and exceed best industry practices with our award-winning, forward-looking customized solutions.

Sales Academy

Discover real-world, results-oriented sales methods developed in coordination with patients and healthcare professionals from around the world. 


Top-Rated in Healthcare Marketing Training by Best Practices, LLC

For over 30 years, Innovara has provided customized training and business services to healthcare marketing companies all over the world. We delight in helping develop future and current managers and leaders at all levels of the healthcare industry.

From development needs assessments and competency models to formal training programs, we personalize our methods to meet company needs and employee capabilities.

Through our global network of offices and consultants, we stay abreast of the latest healthcare industry developments. This allows us to build a solution for your organization based on newly-emerging healthcare marketing trends, keeping your team competitive in the marketplace.

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From Insights to Acumen header photo
From Insights to Strategic Acumen - Seoul, Korea
Marketing Plan in Action header photo
Marketing Plan in Action - Seoul, Korea
Insights to Strategic Architecture header photo
Insights to Strategic Architecture - Seoul, Korea
patient centricity in action header photo
Patient Centricity in Action - Seoul, Korea
technical coaching msl managers
Technical Coaching for MSL Managers - Seoul, Korea
Medical Science Liaison Excellence header photo
Medical Science Liaison Excellence - Seoul, Korea
Foundations of Healthcare Industry Marketing header photo
Foundations of Healthcare Industry Marketing - Seoul, Korea
Advancing Brand Communications header photo
Advancing Brand Communications - Seoul, Korea
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The healthcare industry is always changing. Fortunately, Innovara’s global network of experts is here to help you leverage these changes and keep your organization ahead of the competition. 

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Our trainers and consultants have extensive experience with the world’s leading healthcare companies

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Ready to see the difference Innovara can make for your organization? We specialize in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and healthcare industries, as well as other life sciences. If your organization is outside of these industries, drop us a line anyway – we can build a custom solution for you, too!

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