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Innovara Assessments: Marketing, Sales Management, Medical Affairs

innovara assessmentsGood training begins with a development needs assessment. Innovara assessments enable you to benchmark the capabilities of your marketing, sales management, and medical affairs teams against industry standards. This leads to concrete identification of the most productive short- and long-term individual and group development priorities.

We have a variety of assessments available to suit the needs of your healthcare organization:

  • Rapid pre- and post-learning assessments, online or on paper
  • Development needs assessments, stand-alone or as part of a training package
  • On-the-job observational assessments to promote learning reinforcement
  • Individual and company learning / coaching impact assessments

Innovara assessments may be translated into many languages and simultaneously distributed to teams in separate countries.

sales management assessment

Innovara Sales Management Assessment (ISMA)

For first line sales managers (FLSMs), such as district managers, to whom representatives directly report, as well as second line sales managers, and above.

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innovara marketing assessment
Innovara marketing Assessment (IMA)

For any person involved directly or indirectly in marketing, from executives to those in all marketing and related functions, to those supporting marketing efforts.

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medical affairs academy-assessment

Innovara MSL Assessment (IMSLA)

For Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), MSL team leaders and managers, heads of medical affairs, and those with equivalent or related medical affairs responsibilities.

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Other Assessments

Marketing, sales, management, and medical affairs assessments, to be integrated with our top-of-class training and development courses.

KaRISMA: Calculating your Competitiveness Index

KaRISMA, innovara assessmentsWhat is your team’s KaRISMA? The KaRISMA assessment allows participants to identify specifically where they would benefit from improvement across 6 competitive competencies:

  • Ka: Knowledge of adversaries
  • R: Risk tolerance
  • I: Innovativeness
  • S: Strategic competitiveness
  • M: Motivation
  • A: Action

This assessment is available as part of Advanced Strategic Marketing (ASM) and Competitive Selling.

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Technical Coaching Skills Questionnaire

technical coaching skills questionnaire, innovara assessmentsGain complete coaching clarity. The Technical Coaching Skills Questionnaire provides specific direction for each participant to focus on improving specific knowledge and coaching skills related to technical aspects of marketing, sales, and medical affairs. The assessments also identify situations where subordinates’ competencies or performances are not satisfactory, and these become the basis of extensive coaching role plays throughout their training program.

The Technical Coaching Skills Questionnaire is available as part of the following courses:

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Marketing Skills Questionnaire

marketing skills questionnaire, innovara assessmentsBuild your Marketing Effectiveness. The Marketing Skills Questionnaire is a self-evaluation for the new healthcare marketer, especially one transferring from another team such as sales. The questionnaire is based on 6 core competencies:

  • Mk: Marketing Knowledge and Analysis
  • Cu: Customer Focus and Insights
  • Co: Competitive Differentiation and Leadership
  • B: Business Acumen and Problem Solving
  • S: Strategic and Tactical Alignment and Execution
  • Mc: Marketing Communication and Collaboration

The Marketing Skills Questionnaire is available as part Marketing for Sales Personnel (M4S).

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Strategic Customer Engagement Questionnaire

strategic customer engagementDo you know what areas your sales team members are most knowledgeable in? What are they most concerned about? The Strategic Customer Engagement™ is a self-evaluation for sales representatives and managers who want to enhance customer engagement. This assessment covers the following categories:

  • Difficulties
  • Concerns
  • Knowledge of Company
  • Knowledge of Customers
  • Knowledge of Competition
  • Information and Education Support

The Strategic Customer Engagement™ Questionnaire is available as part of Strategic Customer Engagement (SCE).

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