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Foundations of Healthcare Industry Marketing – Seoul, Korea

03-15-2023 -
Foundations of Healthcare Industry Marketing™ (FHIM) is a focused program for new marketers in the healthcare industry (pharma, medical technology, vaccines, diagnostics etc.) FHIM is an excellent program for any company that wishes to develop a high caliber of product and other customer facing managers. It introduces them to the principles of marketing and how marketing as a business discipline focuses the entire organization on its customers. It help establish a consistent approach to marketing planning, with a common understanding of key marketing terminology, analytical tools, planning processes and formats. A highly results-oriented program, this seminar is most effective for managers beginning a career in healthcare marketing or when they transition from sales into marketing. Contact jk.innovara2@gmail.com to register.

learning objectives

Understand and use common marketing terminology, tools and processes | Develop a framework for integrated brand planning and analysis | Learn to analyze customers and competition as a foundation for effective brand planning | Significantly improve skills of segmentation and segment profiling | Create clear positioning and marketing strategies | Learn to create and implement marketing plans

course format

Interactive lectures, case studies, workshops, group exercises. Laptops recommended.

who should attend

For freshers to Marketing, First Line Sales Managers, Project Associates etc.

preliminary requirement

Participants are required to bring in all information relevant to the product they are working on (or as required by the instructor related to the case study). Participants will be required to do pre-program readings and to complete a pre-program assessment.

program length

3 days


Instructor: Malcolm G. Schokman | Organizer: JK Bae | Email: jk.innovara2@gmail.com