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The Innovara Healthcare Marketing Academy features top-level experiential healthcare marketing courses based on real-world healthcare marketing skills and experience. From the newest product manager to the most experienced marketing manager, there is a course for each member of your pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, healthcare, or other life sciences marketing team. We base our healthcare marketing talent development methods on actual healthcare industry practices and experiential learning techniques.

Our experiential learning and talent development courses are highly interactive and include multimedia, hands-on exercises, team workshops, case studies, gamification, and more. 

Healthcare marketing courses are customized to create a highly personalized experience that addresses your organization’s specific needs. This includes: 

•Customizing each course to include your organization’s branding,

•Providing marketing coaching and mentoring on the job to supplement or augment course learning,

Creating case studies based on real and potential scenarios that you want to use in your internal development efforts,

•Analyzing your healthcare marketing team’s proficiency as compared to healthcare industry standards,

Developing recruitment guides and processes to select the best marketing candidates

And much more…

All courses are available in workshop, eLearning, and blended learning formats.

all courses - foundation

marketing for sales

Marketing for Sales Personnel and Managers™ (M4S) focuses on transforming sales reps to become micro marketers with the ability to think and act with a strong customer focus.

working across boundaries

One of the basic tenets of a sales and marketing job is to be able to work seamlessly with every member of the organizational structure. It enriches one's experience and enables an individual to belong, develops one's capability to give their share in building and/or raising a team's performance, and prepares their future as a valued member of the organization.

Working Across Boundaries™ will help release the participant's inherent social personality to work harmoniously with every member of the organization, vertically and horizontally, making them a productive and important members of the team.

marketing plan in action

Marketing Plan in Action™ (MPIA) is a hands-on, results-oriented program that focuses on the development of an effective marketing plan. It establishes a consistent approach to marketing planning, with a common understanding of key marketing terminology, analytical tools, planning processes, and formats. Participants work on a case study or their marketing plan throughout the course to produce better business results.   

advancing tactical planning

Advancing Tactical Planning™ (ATP) focuses on the implementation of the plan in a highly dynamic pharmaceutical marketplace, continuing from where most marketing and planning programs stop.

fundamentals of pharmaceutical marketing

Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Marketing™ (FPM) is a strategically-oriented program that establishes both the framework and the specific techniques critical to the development of an effective marketing team.           

all courses - intermediate

building brand leaders

Building Brand Leaders™ shows marketers how to build their master brands, how maximize brand value, and achieve market leadership for any brand, regardless of its potential.       

advancing strategic thinking

Advancing Strategic Thinking™ (AST) is a fun, fast-paced workshop that encourages cross-functional teams to work as one towards a common goal: To lead the market by changing the rules of the game.

successful new product launch

Years and hundreds of millions of dollars go into the development of a new pharmaceutical product, but by the time a country receives the information, the team is left with little time to prepare for launch. Successful New Product Launch™ focuses on the quick and efficient organization, planning, and execution of a successful launch.

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powerful presenter

Conducted for 4-6 specialists at a time, Powerful Presenter™ provides unique, individualized coaching on each marketing expert’s presentations and associated skills. Intensive and repeat practice with feedback and coaching are aligned to each individual’s specific needs as well as actual presentations to be made in an upcoming event.

taking aim

Across all sectors of industry, profitability and return on investment have never been so uncertain, or more challenging. Yet marketers, sales managers, and new product and business development managers are depended upon to provide more reliable short and longer-term forecasts and commercial budgets. Taking AIM©™ is for those working in changing or evolving businesses and markets, where historically-based forecasting methods are increasingly less reliable or predictive of future business.       

advancing marketing practice

Advancing Marketing Practice™ (AMP) helps managers drive brand success by effectively differentiating their brand solution from competitors, providing consistently better value to customers.

digital healthcare marketing

Learn to leverage advances in technology, such as digital medicine and augmented reality, now and in the future. Digital Healthcare Marketing™ (DHM) is a comprehensive foundational course designed for multi-channel marketers in the life sciences and healthcare industry. Participants will learn to be best at using digital marketing as part of an integrated commercialization and communications strategy.   

world class launch

World Class Launch™ focuses on the critical elements of getting a product from development to launch in as short a time frame and impactful a manner as possible.

excellence in commercial execution (ece)

Many Commercial Managers are faced with situations where disappointing outcomes have resulted from robust brand plans; post-plan reviews point to failures in execution. Poor execution undermines your brand. Excellence in Commercial Execution™ (ECE) reviews why commercial launches and execution are challenges in companies and then focuses on the drivers for successful execution through a series of hands-on group workshops using participants’ own brands.

advancing medico-marketing leadership

Advancing Medico-Marketing Leadership™ (AMML) brings together medical, medical affairs, marketing, and other commercial managers, aligning them on that North Star.           

all courses - advanced

effective challenging of strategic plans

Effective Challenging of Strategic Plans™ (ECHoS) is a fast-paced, two-day workshop designed to help executives and other managers doing any final plan reviews–business, strategy, marketing, etc.– with their teams, as well as managers who need to make planning and plan review processes more meaningful and productive to all.   

technical coaching for marketing managers

Whether a direct superior or a mentor assigned to work with marketers in other areas of the company, Technical Coaching For Marketing Managers™ (TCMM) helps every marketing executive and manager become clear in their own strengths and areas of development need, and enables them to gain complete clarity in how to coach a range of marketing situations, personnel and skills.

advanced strategic marketing

Advanced Strategic Marketing™ (ASM) is a high-level, competitively intense workshop focusing on advanced concepts and strategies in upstream marketing. Case-based major sessions include:

  • Shaping Markets and Levers
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Master branding

countering new competition

Your brand is a market leader. Your focus is no longer about building market share, but staying on top against formidable new competitors, be they new technologies or new generics. Countering New Competition™ (CNC) shows companies how to anticipate, preempt and prevent the success of these major new threats to your brand’s leadership position.

portfolio strategy & management

Portfolio Strategy and Management™ (PSM) is an intense workshop for more experienced marketing personnel, including those involved in portfolio resource management and decision making. Participants will conduct a feasibility analysis on a real business portfolio and learn to better anticipate competition, ask more strategic questions, and make better business decisions.

visionary leadership and change management

Visionary Leadership and Change Management™: Becoming a change agent in an organization implies assessing one’s capacity for visionary leadership and developing key competencies to effectively promote change and innovation.

insights to strategic architecture

Insights to Strategic Architecture™ (ISA) helps managers drive brand success by effectively differentiating their brand solution from competitors, providing consistently better value to customers.

insightful marketing

Insightful Marketing™ is a new course that leverages advances in understanding upstream disease risk through downstream adherence, particularly in light of the challenges of continuity of care created in the ongoing COVID era.   

other services

Designing Marketing Onboarding Processes

  • Marketing Mentor Master
  • Marketing Competency Model Development
  • Innovara Marketing Development Needs Assessment
  • Marketing Talent Recruitment Guide: Processes, Tools, Interviewing
  • Strategic Insight Research: MTL/Advocacy/Policy Stakeholder Research
  • Best Practice Marketing Benchmarking (Company, brand, personnel)
  • Patient journey mapping and marketing guidance

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