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The Innovara Medical Affairs Academy features top-level experiential medical affairs courses, based on real-world skills and experience. From the newest MSLs to the most experienced Medical Affairs manager, there is a course for everyone in your pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, healthcare, or other life sciences team. We base our medical affairs talent development methods on actual healthcare industry practices and experiential learning techniques.

Our experiential learning and talent-development courses are highly interactive and include multimedia, hands-on exercises, gamification, team workshops, case studies, and more. 

Medical affairs courses are customized to create a highly personalized experience that addresses your organization’s specific needs. This includes: 

  • Customizing each course to include your organization’s branding,
  • Providing field coaching services tailored to healthcare industry specifics,
  • Conducting case studies based on scenarios that your MSLs encounter on the job,
  • Analyzing your MSL team’s proficiency as compared to healthcare industry standards,
  • Creating material to fit your organization’s competencies and industry,
  • And much more…

All courses are available in workshop, eLearning, and blended learning formats.


Medical Science Liaison Excellence (MSLE)

Medical Science Liaison Excellence™ (MSLE) is an intensive 2-day seminar covering key competencies and functions of Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) with a focus on functional competencies, communications, and value-added skills that are essential to most MSLs.       

engaging with medical thought leaders (emtl)

Never before has it been so important, or sensitive, to work with Medical Thought Leaders (MTL). EMTL addresses how to best work with and leverage professional relationships with medical thought leaders, while at the same time ensuring that both these leaders and the company’s integrity are never put at risk.

transforming the patient journey

transforming the patient journey

powerful medical presenter (pmp)

Innovara is a world leader in developing medical presentation skills in today’s and tomorrow’s thought leaders. Conducted for 4-6 specialists at a time, Powerful Medical Presenter™ provides unique, individualized coaching on each healthcare expert’s presentations and associated skills.                   

msl plan in action

from insights to acumen

From Insights to Acumen™ (FITA) is a 2-day experiential learning program for MSLs that centers on asking more insightful questions, developing longer-term engagement plans, and strategic collaborations with medical thought leaders. MSLs also will develop an appreciation of their changing role as MSL, particularly when supporting the success of new product launches. Finally, they will learn which insights should be shared with other functions in the company as well as externally.

in pursuit of expertise

In Pursuit of Expertise™ (IPE) is a laser-focused 2-day experiential learning program for MSLs that centers on advancing scientific expertise. Through team workshops and interactive exercises, we focus on advancing understanding of the hierarchy of clinical evidence, investigator-initiated research or study (IIR/IIS) grants, protocol development, and guidance, developing important real-world evidence (RWE), publication planning and review processes, biostatistical data and pharmacoeconomics, and more. After completing IPE, participants will be able to understand and discuss medical/scientific data with greater acumen, evaluate the cost-effectiveness of disease, and better support the scientific research and related efforts of the specialists with whom they collaborate.

train the msl trainer

technical coaching for msl managers

Technical Coaching for MSL Managers™ (TCMSL) helps MSL managers become more clear in their own strengths and development needs to be more effective MSL coaches, counselors, and mentors. There is a major focus on global standards for excellence for MSLs and their teams, and on how to assess performance (including metrics). From managing and coaching the newest MSLs to the most experienced and problematic ones, TCMSL helps make every MSL manager a better coach and leader.

Making Healthcare AI and Deep Learning Meaningful (MHAI)

medical insights and strategy

Medical Insights and Strategy™ is a new course that leverages advances in understanding upstream disease risk through downstream adherence, particularly in light of the challenges of continuity of care created in the post-acute COVID era. Using synectics, we will connect diverse sets of both quantitative and qualitative data to identify and create unique scientific and medical customer experience support, strategies, and related opportunities.

Developing Field Medical Talent (DFMT)

#BetterPoster Development and Presentations (BPDP)

Advancing Field Medical Communications (AFMC)

other services

  • Designing Onboarding Processes
  • PCCQ: Patient-centered Cultural Intelligence
  • Advocacy Research
  • Assessing Skills & Development Needs
  • Virtual Mentoring
  • Competency Model Development
  • Recruitment Guide: Interview Processes
  • Strategic Insight Research / MTL Needs Research
  • IIR Management•Benchmarking Research
  • MSL Performance and MTL Database Management
  • Disease/medical/therapeutic area backgrounders and patient journey maps

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