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MSL Accelerate!

MSL Accelerate! Starting Every MSL on the Right Track, the Right Way, to Add Value to Customers and Patients


MSL Accelerate ™  is an experiential, on-the-job learning program engineered to accelerate development and productivity of new MSLs. After 6 months, new MSLs will perform at a level that previously would have taken a top-performing MSL 2-3 years to achieve. This program is completely customizable to your company’s requirements; we will work closely with the MSL and their management to ensure organizational and personal goals are met. MSL Accelerate typically consists of four major sections:

Innovara Medical Science Liaison Assessment, Medical Affairs Competencies

Ground 0: Manager Readiness

Induction MSL accelerate

Phase 1: Induction

Engagement MSL accelerate

Phase 2: Engagement

Impact MSL accelerate

Phase 3: Impact


MSL Onboarding, MSL Onboard, msl accelerateBy the end of MSL Accelerate, MSLs will be familiar with the company’s structure and expectations. They will be able to measure their own progress and success with leading/lagging Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other metrics. Participants will be able to execute all functions of their job while remaining strictly compliant.

For more information on MSL onboarding and development needs, please see the 2017 Innovara Development Needs Insights Study©.