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Innovara Sales Academy Courses

Innovara Sales Academy courses are results-oriented, based on real world selling skills. From the newest of sales representatives to the most experienced sales manager, there is a course for each member of your pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, healthcare, or other life sciences sales force. We base our training on best practices of experiential learning.

All of our high-performance training and development is highly interactive, and includes multimedia, hands-on exercises, team workshops, case studies, and more. Customization is available and includes: branding, case studies, field coaching, competitive analysis, material fit to your organization’s competencies and industry, and more. All courses are available in workshop, eLearning, and blended learning formats.

Selling to the Patient Journey

Selling to the Patient Journey, Innovara Sales Academy CoursesDespite the many, many billions of dollars spent around the world on medicines and healthcare, diseases continue to plague patients, mainly due to poor adherence. Selling to the Patient Journey© (SPJ) is a workshop designed to teach the salesperson how to help the doctors or other healthcare providers be more effective in helping their patients on their journey of better disease control, from initial diagnosis through a lifetime of better health.

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Physician Partnership Program

physician partnership program, sales academy coursesFace-to-face time with the physician is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. The Physician Partnership Program™ (PPP) teaches sales representatives to get a better return on investment from their selling efforts. In addition to deriving more value from the complete sales call process, representatives will better utilize resources and strategically move the physician through the process of adoption, from non-user to advocate, via new micro-marketing and targeting techniques. PPP also teaches participants to better leverage value-added services and follow-up for additional sales.

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IMPACT Selling & IMPACT Advanced Field Coaching

IMPACT advanced field coaching, IMPACT selling, sales academy coursesWe strongly recommend that your organization make full use of the IMPACT system by enrolling sales representatives and their managers in close succession:

IMPACT Selling™ – for Sales Representatives

Studies have shown that the first month on the job is the most critical to future performance. With that in mind, IMPACT Selling™ has been designed to provide every new pharmaceutical or healthcare sales representative with the best selling skills training, right from the start of their new career. IMPACT Selling is based upon best practices in selling that are demonstrated by top sales representatives on the job two or more years.

IMPACT Advanced Field Coaching for Results™ – for Sales Managers

The critical role and impact of the field sales manager on sales representative effectiveness is well-established. On average, first line/field sales managers (FLSMs) spend 50% of their time in the field with their representatives. Most know how to observe a sales call and provide “curbside critique” to their representatives.
IMPACT Advanced Field Coaching challenges conventional ways of coaching, especially the “curbside coaching experience.” Participants learn to significantly heighten impact of field coaching efforts in terms of sales force effectiveness. All come away with concrete plans to immediately and consistently improve the effectiveness of their field coaching efforts, and the ability to measure the impact of such field coaching on their sales representatives.

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SPIDER: Sales Planning to Impact and Drive Results

sales academy courses, sales planning to impact and drive results, spiderSales Planning to Impact and Drive Results (SPIDER) is a highly-interactive workshop with minimal lecture and maximum involvement. Each participant will work through “Area Planning from A to Z”, which will enable them to walk away with a concrete, individual area sales plan, ready for immediate implementation.

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Selling in Seconds

sales academy courses, selling in secondsToday, sales representatives are no longer able to spend more than two minutes with customers. Traditional sales call processes and timing requirements simply won’t work. Representatives find themselves literally chasing customers or losing opportunities to turn an unexpected meeting of a customer in hallways, parking lots, or other settings into a productive and effective sales call. Selling in Seconds™ teaches the representative how to make every time-pressured moment with any customer a productive call.

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Key Account Management and Planning

key account management and planning, sales academy coursesKey Account Management and Planning™ (KAMP) equips participants with the advanced selling skills necessary to manage the sales process in major accounts. Because these accounts typically involve multiple decision makers at the top, participants who attend KAMP learn to work better both individually and in cross-functional teams to improve access and to influence and drive results based upon well-planned and orchestrated efforts. Participants not only leave with Key Account Plans that are ready and eager to implement, using processes and formats they can use on the job.

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NEW - Strategic Customer Engagement

strategic customer engagementStrategic Customer Engagement™ (SCE) focuses on building customer loyalty through enhancing the drivers of customer engagement. SCE is specifically designed for sales representatives and sales managers who want to enhance customer engagement. It will provide an opportunity to look at various pathways to reinforce customer’s participation level through identifying and analyzing customer engagement drivers associated with the product adoption levels and stages.


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