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Innovara Sales Academy courses are results-oriented and based on real-world selling skills. From the newest healthcare sales representative to the most experienced sales manager, there is a course for each member of your pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, healthcare, or other life sciences sales force. We base our sales talent development methods on actual healthcare industry practices of experiential learning techniques.

Our experiential learning and talent-development sales courses are highly interactive and include multimedia, hands-on exercises, team workshops, case studies, and more. 

Sales courses are customized to create a highly personalized experience that addresses your organization’s specific needs. This includes: 

•Customizing each course to include your organization’s branding,

•Providing field coaching services tailored to industry specifics,

•Conducting case studies based on scenarios that your sales force encounters on the job,

•Analyzing your sales team’s proficiency as compared to healthcare industry standards,

Creating material to fit your •organization’s competencies and industry,

And much more…

All courses are available in workshop, eLearning, and blended learning formats.

courses for sales representatives

Selling to specialists is special

Selling to Specialists IS Special™ (SSS) recognizes that sales representatives today are not promoting brands as much as promoting value-added services and partnerships in disease diagnosis and management, for which their brands and products are part of a solution. SSS addresses gaining access as the first and most important visit to a specialist, to longer-term relationship management.                   


Negotiate™ is an impactful, fast-paced negotiation skills program that actively engages participants to become more powerful and strategic negotiators.           

key account management and planning

Key Account Management and Planning™ (KAMP) equips participants with the advanced selling skills necessary to manage the sales process in major accounts. Because these accounts typically involve multiple decision-makers at the top, participants who attend KAMP learn to work better both individually and in cross-functional teams to improve access and to influence and drive results based upon well-planned and orchestrated efforts. Participants not only leave with Key Account Plans that are ready and eager to implement, using processes and formats they can use on the job.               

the powerful sales presenter

Innovara is a world leader in developing presentation skills in today’s and tomorrow’s thought leaders. Conducted for 1–3 participants at a time, The Powerful Sales Presenter™ (PSP) provides unique, individualized coaching on each expert’s presentation skills.               

competitive selling

Competitive Selling™ instills competitive passion in your sales force. No more “polite” selling, no more referring to competition in general terms. Through the unique Innovara Competitive APPLES © process, participants learn to anticipate competition, preempt it, prevent its success, and lead the market.           

marketing for sales

Marketing for Sales Personnel and Managers™ (M4S) focuses on transforming sales reps to become micro marketers with the ability to think and act with a strong customer focus.       

physician partnership program 2.0

Face-to-face time with the physician is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. The Physician Partnership Program™ (PPP) teaches sales representatives to get a better return on investment from their selling efforts. In addition to deriving more value from the complete sales call process, representatives will better utilize resources and strategically move the physician through the process of adoption, from non-user to advocate, via new micro-marketing and targeting techniques. PPP also teaches participants to better leverage value-added services and follow-up for additional sales.       

productivity power

Achieving concrete and lasting results is the never-ending quest of any sales organization, whether at the territory, key account, or district/area levels. What makes Productivity Power™ so powerful is that it significantly advances their ability to do focused analytics on their own sales performance.       

selling in seconds

Today, sales representatives are no longer able to spend more than two minutes with customers. Traditional sales call processes and timing requirements simply won’t work. Representatives find themselves literally chasing customers or losing opportunities to turn an unexpected meeting of a customer in hallways, parking lots, or other settings into a productive and effective sales call. Selling in Seconds™ teaches the representative how to make every time-pressured moment with any customer a productive call.               

selling to achieve results

Selling to Achieve Results™ (STAR) is a fresh approach to emphasizing effective closing skills. STAR helps sales representatives to understand fundamental sales concepts and then translate them into practical applications for their own products, customers, competitors, and selling situations.       

your inner hero

Your Inner Hero™ is a 2-day workshop designed to help sales representatives and other managers improve their inner power through self-motivation, as well as motivating others in the team.           

working across boundaries

One of the basic tenets of a sales and marketing job is to be able to work seamlessly with every member of the organizational structure. It enriches one’s experience and enables an individual to belong, develops one’s capability to give their share in building and/or raising a team’s performance, and prepares their future as a valued member of the organization.

Working Across Boundaries™ will help release the participant’s inherent social personality to work harmoniously with every member of the organization, vertically and horizontally, making them a productive and important members of the team.

Working Across Boundaries™ will help release the participant’s inherent social personality to work harmoniously with every member of the organization, vertically and horizontally, makingthem a productive and important member of the team.

from start to finish

From Start to Finish™ (FSF) is a three-day, advanced sales training workshop whose core is to help sales representatives learn how to better utilize customer information to prioritize their efforts, and engage in a more effective and personalized sales dialogue, through to the successful close. FSF builds upon previous skills and levels of experienced salespeople.           

selling to the patient journey

Despite the many, many billions of dollars spent around the world on medicines and healthcare, diseases continue to plague patients, mainly due to poor adherence. Selling to the Patient Journey™© (SPJ) is a workshop designed to teach the salesperson how to help the doctors or other healthcare providers be more effective in helping their patients on their journey of better disease control, from initial diagnosis through a lifetime of better health.   


impact call planning and management

Studies have shown that the initial months in any sales job where the representative is new to the company are the most critical to future performance. Impact Call Planning and Management (CPM)™ are designed to provide every pharmaceutical or healthcare sales representative with the best core selling skills training, right from the start.       


PROSales™ is a fast-paced, interactive 3-day workshop that provides a comprehensive orientation (or re-orientation) program for sales representatives serving pharmacies, dermatologists, and other healthcare professionals and retailers who sell medicines or other healthcare products to consumers/patients.                   

courses for sales managers

MentorMagic for Executives

MentorMagicfor Executives™ (MME) is a one-day strategic leadership workshop designed to stimulate and guide executives and other top managers to better understand options for setting up mentoring systems within the company (from formal to informal); setting objectives for mentors and mentees; evaluating the impact of mentoring within the organization and on the business; become better mentors, themselves.           


National and regional sales managers alike applaud Optima™. At last, here is a sales planning and management program designed exclusively for managers of sales managers.       

countering new competition

Your brand is a market leader. Your focus is no longer about building market share, but staying on top against formidable new competitors, be they new technologies or new generics. Countering New Competition™ (CNC) shows companies how to anticipate, preempt and prevent the success of these major new threats to your brand’s leadership position. Through this fast-paced and highly interactive workshop, participants develop critical and aggressive competitive strategy-forming skills and plans to be highly successful.

technical coaching for sales managers

Technical Coaching for Sales Managers™ (TCSM) is an intensive 2-day program designed to help managers of specialists or highly competitive primary care and key account sales teams to be better at coaching in a range of challenging representative and specialty customer or key account selling situations.       


Innovara is a world leader in developing medical and scientific presentation skills in today’s and tomorrow’s thought leaders. Executive Coaching to Advance Medical Presentation Skills™ (ECAMP) provides unique, individualized coaching on each participant’s presentation skills. Intensive and repeat practice with feedback and coaching is aligned to each individual’s specific needs as well as speaking engagements and venues.           

Solutions and Decisions

Solutions and Decisions™ is a unique program focusing on how to be more effective in business. Unlike other problem-solving and decision-making programs, S&D focuses on business problems and provides tools and processes enabling individuals to identify alternative solutions or to make decisions alone or in work groups.   

spider: sales planning to impact and drive results

Sales Planning to Impact and Drive Results™ (SPIDER) is a highly interactive 3-day workshop that enables your area or other first-line sales managers to create annual plans by working their way through 26 unique worksheets, Area Planning from A to Z. It contains minimal lecture and maximum hands-on involvement, and results in every manager walking away with concrete, individual area sales plan to implement. SPIDER is a true productivity driver. The 26 A to Z worksheets help each manager develop their district or area sales plan through to an executive summary of their plan for presentation to general management and national sales management.   

coaching the coach

Coaching the Coach™ (CtC) focuses on making the effective transition from being a manager of representatives to become a leader of sales managers.           

advancing strategic thinking

Advancing Strategic Thinking™ (AST) is a fun, fast-paced workshop that encourages cross-functional teams to work as one towards a common goal: To lead the market by changing the rules of the game.   

impact advanced field coaching

IMPACT Advanced Field Coaching™ (IMPACT AFC) challenges conventional ways of coaching, especially the “curbside coaching” experience, and teaches ways to significantly heighten the impact of field coaching efforts in terms of sales force effectiveness.   

train the pharma trainer

Train the Pharmaceutical Trainer™ is an intensive, dynamic, and comprehensive program designed to challenge and update both new and experienced trainers.   

managing the winning sales team

Managing the Winning Sales Team™ (MWST) is based on the premise that the professionalism of the middle manager is crucial to the success of a sales and marketing organization.           

other services

  • Competency Model Development
  • Designing Sales/Sales Management Onboarding Processes
  • PCCQ: Patient-centered Cultural Intelligence
  • Assessing Sales and Coaching Skills
  • Sales Personnel Recruitment Guide; Interview Processes
  • Strategic Insight and Benchmarking Research
  • Disease/Medical/Therapeutic Backgrounders
  • Making Sales Training Programs Work Globally
  • Train the Pharmaceutical Sales Trainer and Leader Guide Development
  • Shared Decision Making in Patient/MD Communications

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