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your inner hero

Your Inner Hero™ is a 2-day workshop designed to help sales representatives and other managers improve their inner power through self-motivation, as well as motivating others in the team. From formulating hypotheses to identifying the biggest opportunities for growth and business success and developing deep customer and competitive insights, participants will learn tomake improved and better decisions faster, as done in top performing companies. They also will gain the knowledge to validate good business opportunities then combine them with the factors that motivate them to release that inner force or energy within them to achieve success.

learning objectives

•Improve ability to self-motivate, as well as to motivate our teams

•Learn what differentiates top-performing companies and apply that to our own situations

•Everyone will have a chance to bring out their inner hero as well as their team’s hero

•By using a superhero theme, we willrecognize and master both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators while focusing on the biggest opportunities and turn them intoreality

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