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Also known as a capability framework, healthcare marketing competency modeling provides a structured approach to align your healthcare marketing team’s focus with your organization’s future vision and strategy.  

What sets Innovara’s custom healthcare marketing competency modeling services apart? Instead of basing all core skills on knowledge alone, we base them base them on observable, describable and/or measurable skills.

what is a competency?

A competency is the one of the main capabilities of an organization required to meet and expectations of the company now and in the future.

We further define a competency as the demonstration of knowledge through specific skills that produce the desired outcomes of the requirements of jobs across the organization.


According to the Association for Talent Development, competency modeling allows your healthcare organization to clearly describe the characteristics of your highest performers. Competencies better position you to recruit, select, develop, reward, and promote the most successful people. 

Maintain your competitive edge by using competencies to create a more talented workforce.


Our custom healthcare marketing competency modeling process begins by reviewing specific business performance to identify a position’s most important competencies. We define each competency and outline several measurable, observable, describable skills for each, differentiating between the levels of capability needed. The result is a concise, to-the-point competency model tailored to specific positions in your healthcare organization.

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