innovara sales academy

The Innovara Sales Academy features a complete suite of services to train and develop sales teams specializing in pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, healthcare, or other life sciences

Experiential Sales Courses

Our top-level experiential sales academy courses are available as in-person workshops, train the trainer, blended learning, and e-learning. Customize a course to fit your sales team’s needs or register for a public course.

Development Needs Assessments

Good training begins with a development needs assessment. With the Innovara Sales Management Assessment (ISMA) you can benchmark your sales managers’ capabilities against industry standards, allowing us to pinpoint the areas most in need of improvement. 

competency modeling

Align the focus of your sales team with the future vision and strategy of your organization. Our competency models are fully customized to your specifications, based on observable, and measurable behaviors.

Competitive Selling Reminder and Tips

No time for a Train the Trainer course before your first sales training gig? Download Innovara’s Competitive Selling™ Reminders and Tips for Sales Trainers for the ultimate refresher.

Other Sales Services

Having trouble getting your sales team off the ground? Our experts are here to help. From onboarding to research to virtual coaching and more, we tailor services to support the success of your sales team and realize the vision of your organization.

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Ready to see the difference Innovara can make for your organization? We specialize in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and healthcare industries, as well as other life sciences. If your organization is outside of these industries, drop us a line anyway – we can build a custom solution for you, too!

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