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How well is your organization serving diverse patient groups? Patient-Centered Cultural Intelligence (PCCQ) allows organizations in the healthcare marketing space to evaluate and improve their team’s ability to serve patients across diverse backgrounds. 

PCCQ is not only concerned with ethnicity– it encompasses gender, religion, social status, age, and more. PCCQ improves the patient journey experience by improving your MSL’s ability to accommodate patients from all walks of life.

Innovara offers services designed to transform your organization into a Patient-Centered Cultural Intelligence Center of Excellence. We will facilitate all steps of the process, including:

In every patient interaction, we encourage all who work at the hospital to follow the Look-Listen-Ask model. This discourages stereotyping and encourages interactions that are both Patient-centered and culturally intelligent.                    


In addition, XTLytics and Innovara, Inc. are launching an index of leading health indicators to evaluate and improve Patient-Centered Cultural Intelligence across hospitals and networks. This PCCQ Index evaluates health inequities and opportunities to impact patient care and population health using external healthcare systems performance, population, and EHR data. It also focuses on specific diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and COPD.

For more information, read Innovara CEO Barri M. Blauvelt’s blog on impacting hospital performance with Patient-Centered Cultural Intelligence.

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