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Complete your medical affairs team’s experiential learning program with our suite of medical affairs services. 

Our global network of medical affairs experts have real-world experience in a variety of healthcare-related fields, including pharmaceutical, medical devices, diagnostics, biotechnology, consumer healthcare, healthcare systems and services, and more. 

Our medical affairs trainers have real-world experience in the following areas: 

•Training and development



•Qual quant research


And more

advocacy research

Determine the unmet needs and interests of your advocacy group’s members. We provide in-depth qualitative research with patient and health care advocacy leaders, to answer important questions regarding policies, guidelines, and practices.

virtual mentoring

Your own personal medical affairs expert, available online or over the phone. This expert will mentor you or a teammate on specific functions of the job, such as medical affairs plan development or new product launch activities. Typical mentorships last for 6 months to one year. The frequency of interactions varies from month to month, according to your needs and your organization’s expectations.

strategic insight research

Answer important questions informing medical policies, guidelines, and practices based on your healthcare organization’s needs, wants, interests, and values. We uncover strategic insights by using deep qual-quant research, based on Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA).

iir management

Maintain your integrity and avoid commercial influence by using Innovara as a firewall agency in your investigator-initiated research (IIR) process. We manage the process from start to finish:

  • Develop grant criteria
  • Review process for letter of intent (LOI) application
  • Evaluate the application using an international panel of experts, usually following NIH criteria
  • Present the final applications to the company for funding (subject to availability)
  • Manage grant to ensure milestones are met

benchmarking research

Learn how you stack up against your competitors. We compare the best practices of the industry to your company’s performance and propensity, uncovering specific areas where your company is leading or lagging behind the competition.

mtl database management

How well do you believe you understand each MTL with whom you work? Using our Innovara Medical Thought Leader Evaluation System™, we take the guesswork out of choosing a speaker, recommending someone to do clinical research, or forming an advisory board. We organize your MTLs in the way that will best serve your organization’s needs.

case backgrounders and patient journey maps

Your complete guideline to a specific disease. Our backgrounders focus on a particular disease, providing an understanding of its pathophysiology, epidemiology, treatment guidelines, the history of various treatments, its market situation, pipeline products, and future treatments under development. Our most popular add-on, patient journey maps, provide a window into a patient’s actions and prognosis at every step of the disease.

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